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Greetings from the Governance Committee!

15 Feb 2017 7:30 AM | Tina McCormick (Administrator)

Greetings from the Governance Committee!

Our charge is to “oversee issues concerning the infrastructure of the Association, such as amendments to the bylaws, modifications and additions to the Policy Manual, and leadership development.” This year’s team consists of seven highly-engaged members: Bryant Hileman, Susan Starling, David Bolt, Steve Fisher, Benjamin Minnis, Christine Romani, and chair Julian Cunningham.

We are excited about our goals for 2016-2017! We began by organizing a Special Meeting of the KRHA membership, which allowed the general membership to vote on amending the Articles of Incorporation. The meeting was scheduled and occurred on January 18 in Louisville. The amendment passed unanimously, which will ultimately modify KRHA’s tax-exempt status to 501(c)(3). This modification will have huge financial implications for the Association going forward; we will now be qualified for monies that we were previously ineligible for. 

Other initiatives include:

1) Defining the function and power of the Executive Committee

2) Requiring board member participation on at least one committee

3) Establishing an objective guideline for the nomination of board members

4) Adjusting the nominating and voting procedures for board and officer positions

5) Assessing bylaws against the 2015 amendments to KRS Chapter 273

6) Evaluating portal capabilities to improve document storage and accessibility

7) Developing a comprehensive policy manual and making necessary revisions to standing policies

8) Establishing an objective guideline for managing sponsorship requests

We look forward to helping KRHA be as effective and efficient as possible in assuring rural Kentuckians receive quality health care. If you have any questions or feedback, or if you would like to get involved, please contact Julian Cunningham at Julian.cunningham@uky.edu.
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