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KRHA utilizes a committee structure as outlined in the organizational bylaws. There are standing committees as defined by the bylaws, and others may be added as deemed necessary by the Board of Directors.

Communications/Membership Committee

The Communication/Membership Committee shall be responsible for marketing the Association in the recruitment and retention of members.

  Chair: Tyler Stapp

Members of Committee:  Chantal Simms, Scott Thompson

Educational Programs Committee

The Education Committee shall organize, implement and evaluate all educational events including any awards that are given.

      Fran Feltner              Garrett Anspach


Finance Committee

Todd Schiavone - Chair 

The Finance Committee shall track all revenues and expenditures of the Association, develop an operational budget, conduct an annual internal audit and report to the Association. The treasurer shall serve as chair of this committee.

Chair: Todd Schiavone

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee shall oversee issues concerning the infrastructure of the Association, such as amendments to the bylaws, modifications and additions to the Policy Manual, and leadership development.

Chair, Nick Duncan

Legislative Committee

LeAndre Knox - Teresa Cooper Co-chairs

The Legislative Committee shall support the legislation addressing rural health interests through consensus building, creating and monitoring legislative proposals, providing education on legislative issues, and supporting the legislative interests of the Association to advance rural health care

. LeAndre Knox Teresa Cooper


Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee shall be elected annually by the Board of Directors and be responsible for identifying persons qualified to serve as officers of the Association.


Student Chapter Committee

The responsibilities of this committee shall be to promote the interest and involvement of higher education students in Kentucky with a concern for health care in rural Kentucky.

Nick Duncan                       Anne Hess 


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