Nominating Committee:
The Nominating Committee shall be elected annually by the Board of Directors and be responsible for identifying persons qualified to serve as officers and Board of Directors of the Association. 

Andrew Bledsoe, Chair

Elizabeth SnodgrassNoel HarilsonMatt Hunt

Finance Committee

Todd Schiavone, Chair

David Bolt, Alan Alexander, Marcus Pigman

The finance committee tracks all revenues and expenditures of the Association, develops the budget, conducts an annual internal audit, and reports to the Association. The Association Treasurer serves as the chair of the committee.

Membership Committee
The Membership Committee shall be responsible for marketing the Association in the recruitment and retention of members. 
Chris Salyers, Chair

Bryant Hileman, Ex-Officio: Tina McCormick

The membership committee is responsible for marketing the association in the recruitment and retention of members.

Communications Committee
Responsible for guiding the public information and presentation of the association to membership and Kentucky residents

Taylor Readnower, Chair

Andrew Bledsoe, William Betz, Melody Nall, David Gross, Drilon Gojani  

Educational Programs Committee

Ernie Scott and Melody Nall, Co-Chairs

Kayla Combs, Noel Harilson, Kasandra Hensley, Matthew L. Hunt, Anna Jones, Lucy Juett, Carlos Marin, Mercedes Maness, Angela McGraw, Elizabeth Snodgrass, Nicole Winkleman


Legislative Committee
Jane Feist, Chair
Ashley Gibson, Co-chair

David Bolt, Steve Fisher, Martha Pleasant, Dana Shaffer

Governance Committee
The Governance Committee shall oversee isssues concerning the infrastructure of the Association, such as amendment to the bylaws, modifications to the Policy Manual, and leadership development.

Justin Harris and Steve Fisher, Co-Chairs

Aaron GuestSteve FisherJulian CunninghamRachel FitzgeraldSusan Starling,   Ben MinnisDavid BoltEric Fisher

Student Chapter Committee

The responsibilities of this committee shall be to promote the interest and involvement of higher education students in Kentucky with a concern for health care in rural Kentucky. 

Lucy Juett, Chair

Matt Hunt, Steve Fisher, Catherine Malin, Jeremy Oliver, Missy Stokes, Taylor ReadnowerAbbey SwineyGabrielle MerrillBlaine PattyJonathan Smith

KRHA utilizes a committee structure as outlined in the organizational bylaws. There are eight standing committees as defined by the bylaws, and others may be added as deemed necessary by the Board of Directors.

To contact committee members, click on the name of the chair to send them an email.

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